About Tall Corn Alpacas

Since starting our herd in 2006, our focus has been on cultivating excellence. The quality of our dams and herd sires are the foundation of our successful breeding program. With an emphasis on health and conformation,then fineness and uniformity and finally, density and crimp, our breeding program strives for crias with genetic gains over their Dam and Sire's individual qualities. Our award-winning herd sires and carefully selected outside breedings are utilized to achieve these goals, as well as to ensure genetic diversity.

Specializing in colored alpacas ranging from fawn to true black, with a concentration on our personal favorites of brown and black, our goal is to breed our colored huacayas so that their fleece characteristics rival the finest white huacaya fleeces.

Of equal importance to our breeding program is our commitment to ongoing client support. Whether you are new to the alpaca business or are an experienced breeder, as a client of Tall Corn Alpacas, you will find outstanding
client services and guarantees in addition to a diverse selection of excellent alpacas.

As a child I was told that the expression "We're in Tall Corn" referred to good, prosperous times. Please give us the opportunity to help your alpaca business be in Tall Corn too!

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Don Kent

Updated July 02, 2015